1. crcook84

    Seagate drive working intermittently

    So, I have a Seagate hard drive I was using for external storage. Out of the middle of nowhere, it suddenly doesn't want to be read. After some tests, I can get it to be seen in an HDD USB dock. However, the moment I try to do something with it, the computer has a problem. I tried SeaTools for...
  2. K

    New HDD not working

    Hi, My HDD recently died so I went out and got a replacement(Seagate ST1000LM048). After a few failed attempts to connect it from I don't even know what reason (it just wouldn't recognize it) I finally got it working and installed windows. When I downloaded graphics card drivers the whole laptop...
  3. Ghostwokiee

    Hard drives Disappearing

    Hello I have been having troubles the last 3-ish months with first my E: drive and then my drive. And as of tonight I cannot get into BIOS and booting is VERY slow. I have my OS installed on a m.2 drive and some other stuff on my SSD, neither of them are affected by these issues. I used to be...
  4. A

    Problem with Seagate extended storage PS4

    I have a seagate extended storage device plugged into my PS4, and it fell out as I was carrying the PS4 (the PS4 was turned off) so I connected it back, and when I turned the PS4 back on it couldn’t detect the device. It made a beeping sound, and eventually stopped and now the PS4 can recognise...
  5. MusicManiac

    Help me understand this CHKDSK results?

    Read the post below. Thank you.
  6. MusicManiac

    Is it ok to use a Seagate Skyhawk HDD on a Gaming PC?

    Hi, I just bought a Skyhawk 4TB Hard Disk but after looking it up online, I am perplexed weather to use it or return it. I need it since I don't have any other options available. My PC is running on 240GB SSD, and I am planning use it as a gaming and software drive. I do Illustrations on...
  7. N

    Seagate Expansion Drive not appearing in file explorer

    Hi, I have a 2TB Seagate portable hard drive which worked perfectly fine for a few months and then one day it stopped appearing in file explorer on my Windows 10 PC. It gets detected by my PC because it appears in the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon but doesn't appear in file...
  8. S

    Solved Seagate USB drive always makes Gigabyte laptop boot twice

    I realise this is a very specific issue indeed, and also kind of a '1st world' issue... but I'd like to know what's causing my Gigabyte P57Xv7 laptop to boot twice, every time whenever my 4TB Seagate Backup Plus USB3.0 drive is connected to it. Here are the salient points: The first boot...
  9. S

    Seagate Hard drive not showing up - can't access data!

    Hi, I've got a Seagate Hard drive with tons of footage on and suddenly out of nowhere I can't access the data. Here's the facts of the situation: When I plug it in it whirls for a moment and then goes silent. A blue light comes on the hard drive and stays on consistanly. I've tried an...
  10. G

    Seagate External Desktop Hard Drive Access Enclosure Failure

    Hi All, I use a lot of external USB hard drives, and always make sure they are the type where the enclosed HDD has SATA connectors (rather than proprietary), so that if the enclosure fails, the data can still be retrieved from the drive located inside the original enclosure. I have a Seagate...
  11. J

    Lost Files transferring iphone to external hard drive

    Hello, I own an iphone 6s and Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive. I always transfer my photos/vids from iphone to my ext. drive I did NOT back up anything on icloud. Today I connected them both to my desktop per usual. I transferred Folder 135 (896 photos/vid) and Folder 136 (144 p/v)...
  12. Y

    Mac can't find my Seagate Cloud

    I have been running a Seagate Cloud for storage (primarily for Lightroom). I've just upgraded to a new iMac from my old MacbookPro. I'm running the same OS -- OS 13.1. I've also bought and set up a new Fritz!Box modem. Everything is running smoothly, but I cannot connect to my Seagate Cloud...
  13. M

    external hard drive not being recognized

    so i have about 1 and 1/2 months of work on this harddrive and its due in two days it gets power when plugged in and spins up and the light turns on has started to make noise is not recognized by windows when plugged in any help would be very nice Thanks
  14. B

    Seagate External hard drive infected through Chromebook

    My 2tb hard drive was working fine for about 3 months before it stopped working. I have files inside files, so the main ones show up, but i can't open them to access anything inside. It says "failed to format" every time i try and I can't manually delete them. I thought it was a virus but I'm...
  15. P

    External USB Not Working And Making Small Beeping

    I use an external hard drive to store PS4 games on now that the built in hard drive is completely full, however the external USB hard drive just stopped working and is making a small beeping noise. Its a Seagate M3 1TB external hard drive
  16. sue4635

    Solved Do I need Paragon HFS+ so my Windows 10 sees external drive

    I have a Seagate Backup Plus external drive. I used it to backup my windows 7 files. When I connected it to my Windows 10 PC the drive showed up at first and I looked at some folders on it. Then the drive was no longer showing up in My Computer. I tried rebooting, uplugging it and replugging...
  17. M

    Rescuing Data from corrupted Seagate 1TB drive

    A couple of days ago my Seagate Drive crashed whilst transferring files between my laptop and itself. After unplugging and replugging the drive was no longer readable and windows 10 demanded that formatting was the only way to view the device. My first fix attempt was to put the drive into a...
  18. M

    Power Supply - Seagate 2TB Hard Drive

    Hey yo, Couple of months ago i damged my cords for my hard drive and today i purchased new ones. A 3.0 usb cable which works wonderfully and a power supply which doesnt work as well. It is working for 2 seconds red light turns off and turns on again and repeats this constantly any fix or tips at...
  19. T

    Solved Seagate Momentus 5400.6 USB adapter not working

    Hello everyone, so basically there was a problem with a laptop HDD (it wouldn't boot, or show up in the BIOS menu), so I took it out and tried to connect it to my desk computer using a USB adapter. I was able to locate the disc in windows DISKPART. I tried to format it, but when i typed the...
  20. D

    Solved seagate nas OS JBOD setup help

    Hi i just got the "6 bay seagate nas pro" and I wanted to set up each drive individually so I have one drive and my wife has another drive and my kids all have a drive each without combining all the drives together. This is so if i want to upgrade a drive in the future i can. The set up with...