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  1. dillonsmith07

    Won't let me type into search bar

    Hello, I am struggling to find a solution on how to get my computer's search bar functioning again. I think I disabled a certain program. Any help I will be grateful for. I am on Windows 10.
  2. N

    Having multiple issues after re-installing windows 10

    my windows search bar doesn't work, fortunatly I found a fix, which is putting this code into Powershell "C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe" but unfortunatly I need to do it everytime I restart my computer. On top of this (and an even greater issue) is my audio services are unresponsive even though...
  3. M

    Solved Edge: disable search from address bar

    Windows 10 Edge browser will not go directly to a URL I type into the address bar. It insists on doing a search, adding the string "" in front of the URL I typed. This delivers different results from my original URL. If my address is obsolete I would rather...
  4. Z

    Can't use taskbar or any program.

    Hello everyone, I'm not able tot click anywhere otherwise it will close the program i clicked. Can't click on my taskbar or search bar. I can use Start+S but i can't right click tot run as administrator. Only Enter button. (My Mouse works fine i tested it on another computer)