search engines

  1. M

    Help creating a custom search for website

    Hi everyone I’ve come across a problem and I was hoping someone here might be able to recommend a solution. I need to create a custom search for a website and I need the search to look for results from multiple domains. Eg. Someone searches for “Keyboard” and search function returns results...
  2. E

    Remove Scholar articles from google web search

    So im trying to learn about a particular biological concept but when I search for it I basically only get research papers on the topic and not something more basic and explanatory. Is there any way to remove academic results from a web search.
  3. L

    Two website - .co & .net, how to direct traffic to .co site

    Hi there My boss has two websites for his music side project - the older site and a newer one that has recently been created He's not really interested in the older one however when you type in his music alias name into Google, rude audio, the .net takes priority. He...
  4. I

    New Search Engine

    I think I mistakenly downloaded a virus that has made it's way to my search engine. I use a MacBook Air and it's on my google chrome and it won't go away.
  5. D

    Search history follows me from home to work? How?

    Can someone smarter than me explain to me how terms I search for on my laptop at home show up on my desktop at work? I'm at home last night on my laptop googling items I need to buy for the house - curtains, a lawnmower, etc, and then this morning at the top of the MSN home page (Chrome...
  6. Bluemoonie

    Yahoo commandeered my search engine on Chrome

    I use Google Chrome as my homepage and preferred search engine. Recently, I updated some things including chrome and I'm not sure exactly what happened but suddenly Yahoo was my search engine. I've tried advanced settings and changed Google to my default search engine and deleted Yahoo but it...
  7. okai.

    Can't Open Search Engines

    My friend's mum wasn't being very nice and had pressed all the function keys on my friend's computer in rage. Now, he isn't able to open any search engines and is having issues opening other programs (ex: Skype). He has tried restarting his computer, uninstalling/reinstalling Google, and turning...
  8. W3R3W0LF

    General Question about Speech Recognitions and Youtube.

    I was not sure where to post, so this place seemed appropriate. If this is not the place, could you be so kind as to please direct me to the right one. On multiple occasions I was trying to find a certain phrase in a video, or even the video where the phrase appears. Most of the time Googling...
  9. T

    SEO code for ranking on the first page of search engines

    I was told to hire someone to add coding to my website to get ranked on the first page of the search engines. I know how to add HTML coding to my website, which I used a Vistaprint template to create, but I don't know what the coding is. Is it more complicated than just adding some HTML codes...