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    Secure Erase and SAS Drives

    I am using Parted Magic to wipe drives via Secure Erase or Nwipe and actually have two questions. First, my preference is to use the Secure Erase, however, it is not enabling the SAS drives I'm wiping to be active and allow me to select them to be wiped by the SE program. It sees them and...
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    Solved Disk-sanitizer and secure-erase one pass time?

    Product Name: HP Probook 4530s Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I have HP probook 4530s ci5 having hard disk drive (HDD) of 750 GB. Hard disk is of Hitachi (HTS727575A9E364) I need to pass my notebook to someone for some days, so I needed to make sure my data is...