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    Wifi and Domain network internet

    In my office we have a domain network and subnet mask, we are trying to set up a unsecured wifi network for our customers to connect to and use that isn’t through our domain network which prohibits certain sites and sends all traffic through there. Is there a way to set up a router in the IT...
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    Can't Provide A Secure Connection

    Hi I have a website and I did some recent changes to DNS files to point to one server to the next I was with 1 & 1 now I'm with godaddy. I could access the site okay up until I made DNS changes and so could my friend but now every time we search for it on goggle and in...
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    Got a Trojin on computer questions on security

    so recently i got a trojin on my computer, and I noticed that when i purchased something on my credit card and someone was using it, i scanned my computer and boom there was a virus, i fixed the issue with my credit card company on the fraud, which im guessing was caused by the virus, the thing...
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    Turned Secure boot mode on, Monitor stopped displaying

    Hey guys, I'm new here and need immediate help. I did something stupid, I admit that. My PC is a dell optiplex 3020 with 4GBs of Ram, 2GB Nvidia geforce 620, windows 10. 2 days ago the PC was stuck on 'restarting', so I force shut down it. After that when I turned it on, It said 'Installing...
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    Unsecure connection on all sites

    I am using Mozilla Firefox (on another computer) and can't access any site because "Your connection is not secure". I can't do anything on the internet, because this problem is on Mozilla, IE, and even the steam browser, although steam itself can access the internet, but not browsers, so I can't...