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    Tips For Out-Maneuvering the Shifty - DIY Security System

    Hoping this is the right place, and I’m going to try to condense this... Basically, we had some wifi cams that kept going out (not recording) for long stretches of time. I’d see someone fumbling with something small in their hand and then no more recording (couldn’t find it on the SD card backup...
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    RS-485 connection for PTZ camera

    I have a PTZ camera that I’m trying to connect to my DVR but don’t seem to have the right connecting part. Is anybody able to hell me find the part I need?
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    Solved Looking to add VPN to my router.

    I have paid for the VPN service from Private Internet Access. I use it on my laptop when I feel it is needed. However i am setting up some security cameras and in order to use the cloud service without leaving my laptop running 24/7 I need to make some changes. One option is to setup my...