1. Y

    Where can I find a good antivirus program?

    When I start my laptop, in the taskbar from process tab, I found the disk is showing 100% and my laptop becomes slow. My antivirus sais it's OK. What's the problem?
  2. S

    "Manage Wireless Network" option disappears from Win 7

    Dear All I have been at this for months and cannot figure it out, as well as find any solution or hint to what a potential fix might be. It started after applying the 2017 October Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64 Windows Update. After the reboot of Windows the WiFi did...
  3. bobzani

    Security software

    I'd like some opinions on what's the best PC security software for 2018. I've used Norton 360 for 5 yrs., it's now replaced with Norton Security. Should I stick with it or go with another one(one PC only).
  4. U

    Solved USB Flash Drive - Possible Malware / Ransomware

    Apologies in advanced if I'm posting in the wrong forum and for making such a long post. I’m an old man who tends to ramble. I was wondering if there's a way to be 100% certain if a USB flash drive is completely free of viruses, malware, and/or ransomware? I occasionally use a flash drive...
  5. A

    Got a Trojin on computer questions on security

    so recently i got a trojin on my computer, and I noticed that when i purchased something on my credit card and someone was using it, i scanned my computer and boom there was a virus, i fixed the issue with my credit card company on the fraud, which im guessing was caused by the virus, the thing...
  6. O

    Solved legal sites and how to check them

    how can i find out a website is safe or not ? and is there any online program to warn me about website and online links?
  7. J

    Is it possible to set same SSID but different pass for APs?

    The scenario is that I have multiple APs in the building but one network. So generally id like to know if users are able to log into the wifi of the same SSID but to connect to certain APs, there will be an extra password that needs to be entered. Is this possible?
  8. N

    Visitors in my network

    Hello Technoguy, When I view my Network folder in the directory I see a connected device I do not recognize. I do see my laptop and our home router. When clicking properties on the unknown device there is no information except the device is named "douglas" and I do see a MAC address. Is...
  9. P

    IP tracked what else could they have?

    On my Iphone 6 I clicked a link by accident. The person (99% sure was a teen) boasted later my alt account on a game that he tracked my IP address (and knew general area/town), that I had IOS 11, too (11.2.2), and my ISP. I assume all of this is generally known information. What else could they...
  10. MusicTech1

    "Show Images" feature security in Yahoo app

    Why does it ask to "Show Images" in Yahoo mail app? I accidentally clicked on "show images" on what looks like a phishing email. I didn't click on the hyperlink, but I clicked the "show images" button. Am I infected with viruses now?? LOL What is the purpose of "show images"? I've heard opening...
  11. B

    Question about Passwords between desktop and an Ipad

    I have a desktop computer and an Ipad connected by a router. I recently changed the desktop password, does that affect the password for the Ipad as well? Are they normally connected in any way? I hope this is not a stupid question
  12. F

    1st Server for small growing business

    I have a small business with 20+ employees. My employees work remotely and are required to repetively complete documents and forms, utilizing their Lenovo Ideapads 100s. A family member is developing a database in Microsoft Access. Ideally, I'd like to have my employees be able to access...
  13. D

    turned off "Smartscreen" but it still blocks downloads

    I turned off "Smartscreen" at" Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance\Change Security and Maintenance settings" but it STILL blocks downloads. I believe one of the criteria for being unacceptable to "Smartscreen" is that a file in infrequently downloaded. Not a useful...
  14. C

    Secure my phone

    How can I ensure my phone isn't being monitored? Maybe I'm paranoid but I feel like my screen, my location, my apps, passwords, personal info... Is being monitored and/or influenced remotley possibly granted access, phyically, by someone who can knows either how to hack or program or something...
  15. 1

    Need help setting up guest network

    Hello. I am new to the thread and this is my first post. So recently, I tried to set up another guest account on my wifi router. The model I have is an actiontech 1900 nighthawk modem which supports the ability to create separate guest accounts. However, I am having difficulty creating a...
  16. B

    Can data techs see the individual files in a dmg file?

    The drive on my MacBook failed recently and I really need to get my data back. I am hesitant to take my hard drive in for repair/recovery for fear that, somehow, the techs will be able to see the individual files in a dmg file I keep on my laptop. They will be extracting data by taking my drive...
  17. A

    Best Two Factor Authentication

    Hey guys I was wondering what you guys would recommend for a two factor authentication login solution. I'm looking for something that's simple and saves time, not take more time to authenticate.
  18. U

    I use my smartphone as my modem and need help to configure

    i use my android smartphone as my modem and i need help to configure it to make it more secure from hackers.I wanna know how to reach my modem configuration page since "" is not working for me.Need help on how i should find my default gateway and configure my modem!!!
  19. R

    Auto Delete

    I dont know if its a work of a virus or not but when i try to double click to open any icons or apps it gets sent to recycle bin straight away. i have kaspersky anti virus installed. and when i place my cursor in mid of a sentence then all the words to the right of the cursor gets deleted too...
  20. E

    Raberry Pi Networking and Remote Access Help

    I am setting up four different Rasberry Pi in a night club that are going to run ads on several different TVs. I need the customer to have access to change the ads from outside the club. I have an ATT modem and I will cascade to a Netgear Prosafe smart managed switch that will be connected to...