1. TwDean

    Receiving bogus targeted emails

    My wife says she is receiving emails from several different addresses that seem targeted at her after problems with her former boss. Some emails look like code. I will paste few lines below Can anyone tell us what this is or were we can get help? Only a few lines of email below: hrungs swingin...
  2. C

    In Progress Stupidly gave scammers remote access to my PC for short time

    I know i messed up and you don't have to remind me but it all fit together at the time. I was woken up at 9am this morning on my day off school by what i now know were cold callers: a charming laddie telling me there is a problem with my PC and that it is infected with a virus and spyware...
  3. R

    ISO Hidden Camera

    I am interested in purchasing one or more hidden cameras for my home and would appreciate input as to which is the best buy. Have no idea as to what to buy - WIFI or plug-ins, but I do want something with self storage and that can be downloaded to my computer as I do not own a smart phone and...
  4. E

    Remote surveillance

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to buy a surveillance camera, so that I can remotely monitor a work site when I am at home, which is 10 miles away. The problem is that at the work site we currently have satellite Internet, which only has a very small allowance (25gb per...
  5. K

    Performance issues (Memory consistently high)

    Hello Recently my computer has been having performance issues. I checked Task Manager and it turns out Trend Micro Anti-Malware solution platform or coreserviceshell.exe is causing the memory issues. I have tried looking up ways to fix the issue to no avail. My memory currently is 74% it...
  6. G


    How do i stop public & sponsers from posting on my fb page
  7. J

    Cyber Security Accreditation/Certification

    Hi - please help. I need to find some cyber-security associations that I can join and then display on my website. Does anyone know of any? & some cybersecurity accredations/certificates to display also. Thanks in advance, appreciate any help i can get.
  8. J

    Blocked 3year old sony Xperia sp by mcafee

    Dear Members, please some advice... Purchased phone from on 23/10/2013 (have receipt and box) arrived where I reside in Italy 11/2013 put in a "pay as you go SIM" everything fine until... Changed SIM on 29/08/2016 (my mobile provider could prove this) for all inclusive with data...
  9. S

    Redirect on a specific site. Only happens on my network

    Hello all I am facing redirects on my network. This doesn't happen on my friends' networks and on my friends' devices either. This happens on a specific site. This happens if a device connects to my network and it still happens on that device if it later disconnects from my network. I don't know...
  10. L

    Website is insecured on Chrome, but not the others?

    I recently filled in some personal info from a website that was marked https:// (school website). After submitting I found out that it was red padlocked. This caught me off guard because when I sign in to that particular website in with Firefox, it was marked with a green padlock as secured. I...
  11. J

    Ethernet Trouble With Mac

    Hi! So I'm not at all good with computers but recently I got an Ethernet plug and wanted use it with my mac. I connected the plug without using an adaptor and the Ethernet seems to connect just fine, however, I can't use google chrome or safari as every time I try to search it says something...
  12. C

    Problem with my router!

    I'm at my wits end here and could use some insight and help. I have a cable modem - hitron cgnm-2250-sdl acquired through suddenlink. I'm trying to change my router from wpa2-psk to WEP security type for the purpose of being able to play my 3ds games on the Internet but it won't let me change -...
  13. S

    configuring home network with firewall and wireless router

    Although this post isn't strictly related to an issue on my computer, perhaps it can still be addressed as it deals with the general security of a network. The physical setup of the network (which does provide for fully functional internet access) is as follows in terms of wire connectivity...
  14. T

    Issue accessing security cameras from app? (Read for more)

    Hello! I am an IT Administrator for a local business, and we recently had a large storm. We were required to replace all existing networking gear. Our security camera system is now unable to be viewed via app. I have tried so many things that it is not even funny at this point - it is...
  15. L

    Issue in Security Credentials Domain Users

    Dear Sir / Mam I m using Windows server 2012 R2 Standard , I have 15 Users connected with my sever which is in Domain created on server Yesterday i have changed my password of my administrator , but previous and new both passwords worked for my domain user This is not happens previously when...
  16. theankitsharma7

    Which router should I buy ?

    I have a BSNL (A government owned broadband Company ) FTTH (fiber to the home) broadband connection , I have a Modem :- "Huawei echolife HG850a GPON terminal with 4 ehernet ports and 2 voice port " I want to purchase a router according to this modem and my FTTH connection . Please suggest me...
  17. A

    Solved Please Help!

    so I was trying to download a free trial of a Pc game which is available. I downloaded it off of the website, (which I thought) was legitimate. Apparently not. It has since (in the past half hour or so) downloaded multiple pop ups, some browser in manderin (orange and white squirrel icon), and...
  18. 12FindersKeepers

    Ransomware: will other computers get infected?

    This is not a malware or virus removal post, just a security question in concern to what occurred this morning with one of my parent's laptops. The company my dad works for got infected corporate-wide with the nasty crypt1 randsomware virus. He was connected to the network when he noticed his...
  19. J

    Fingerprint software for Dell Latitude E400 XFR

    Hello, I just purchased the computer refurbished from a Goodwill store, but cannot find any fingerprint software for it. I've download some stuff from dell's website, but nothing is working. Anyone know where I can find any? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version...
  20. S

    Somebody knew my full name on an anonymous chat online!?

    I go on a website a lot called Omegle. Its basically an anonymous video chat site that connects you with strangers around the world. I've run into creepy people before but not like this. The other day I was talking to this guy who seemed nice and interesting. He was from Canada and after many...