1. S

    New Adware changed the admin password... Please Help

    Hi, I was looking for a software online and to download it the installer asked me to download a bunch of other software some of them were, tool-bars, DNS changer etc now I did unchecked those items and then clicked on download but soon I realised my mistake and cancelled it but it still all...
  2. N

    Device Not Configured Correctly (Router)

    Hi all, I'm new here and not real experienced with computer hardware and such. I'm having issues with my router according to my security scan. It keeps telling me that it's not configured correctly. The main computer in the house (desktop) is fine when I run a security scan, it's just this...
  3. R

    Wireless Network is now Local what does that mean?

    Hello! One of my mom's friend recently gifted me his old laptop, because he bought a new one. It is a Windows Vista, 32-bit about a month ago. Everything was working fine, until last night when I closed my laptop in the middle of a Netflix show. Perhaps that was wrong, but I've never had...
  4. R

    security for the avg joe

    trying to decipher some of the posts can be a bit daunting at times...that is, for individuals like myself who have little to no knowledge of the true workings of all these programs ...a recent purchase of a new computer...lo-end stuff...had the "geeksquad" install webroot ..which they say is...
  5. myeang

    Weird wifi problem

    I have been using fiber broadband for the past 2 years with the wireless security setting "Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK." There were no problems for 2 years. Suddenly, on October 11, 2015, all wireless devices (laptops, phones and tablets) failed to connect. Phones and tablets would show "authentication...
  6. C

    Microsoft scam aftereffects

    My father recently fell for a microsoft "tech assistant" scam, where he blindly allowed the scammer remote access to his computer. We are unsure what the scammer did during the remote access. Since his computer is old, we can easily get a new one. Problem is, we are unsure if this incident would...
  7. H

    Wordpress Security Failure via backend

    Hello, I am by no means a professional with wordpress, or website development at all. But when I was thrown into a business last year in the middle of their website development it all fell onto my shoulders. I put HOURS and MONTHS into the training and developing the site. When we finally...
  8. khalidologist

    Firewall For Windows acts as ASA ?

    Hi I am wondering If there's a free-Software or non-free BETTER FREE Firewall Software based that allow us as the Cisco ASA firewall wich acts like ALL ports all inbound connections are being closed only allow the return back to me that I initiated at the first place