1. T

    Review of Site Please

    Hello Good People of TSG, Thanks you in advance. I operate a small business, independent lodging operation. Would anyone be able to review a three page rudimentary site I have constructed using weebly. I can buy the domain outright but what do I do after buying it? They told me about adding...
  2. R

    How can I optimize my site

    How can I optimize my site What can I add, change? Where can I get traffic from Europe? Is SEO optimization good? Do you like my site?)
  3. MagicJang142

    There are tools to check the index of a page wep

    I am establishing a wep page and want to develop it by affiliate marketing, I need to know the tools to check the index DA, PA of a different wep page to view it is appropriate for me to learn and work with?
  4. V

    How do I make my blog show up when Googled?

    If I type my blog name into a search engine, the first post comes up in the results. But what I want is for the blog title to pop up. Does that make sense? The name of my blog is Satisfied By Grace.
  5. T

    SEO code for ranking on the first page of search engines

    I was told to hire someone to add coding to my website to get ranked on the first page of the search engines. I know how to add HTML coding to my website, which I used a Vistaprint template to create, but I don't know what the coding is. Is it more complicated than just adding some HTML codes...
  6. Tzahi

    Page Load Speed is slowe in Mobile Mode

    I'd like some help with my website: AndroidPimp I already compressed all CSS , Java files and still page loading is relative slow (tested with google PageSpeed Insights Tool). How can I improve it ? thanks!
  7. angelr82

    Solved PHP - noindex on only footer.php SEO issues

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this; I am not a web guy at all and recently have been instructed to do some SEO tweaks. An issue I am coming across is that the most common words used on our site come from a statement of privacy that is found only in the footer.php This was...