server 2016

  1. D

    VPN Concern

    I am able to connect to my vpn via android phone however I am unable to connect via PC. Can someone help me on why. I am using L2TP PSK I am using Windows Server 2016 and the client is Windows 10.
  2. I

    Solved Windows VPS Live stream Problem

    I have recently started renting vps for 24/7 youtube live streaming, i use obs studio for streaming, the OS i use is Windows server 2016, as till the time the pc is connected to the vps through rdp the stream was working fine , but as soon as i closed the rdp connection , the video was...
  3. B

    Windows 10 Pro - Can't join the domain

    Hello, I am trying to connect new Windows 10 Pro computers to a new Windows 2016 Server Standard. These computers were upgraded from Windows 10 Home. I am trying to connect these computers to the local domain now and am receiving this error message; "Can't join the domain. Contact your IT...
  4. JesseTechHelp

    Domain login or logoff removes desktop shortcuts, favorites

    I am using Windows 2016 Standard Server and Windows 10 Pro on my workstation. When logging into the domain from my workstation as workplace\user and password I sign in just fine. The problem is that all of my information, desktop files, favorites, document files and everything are gone. I also...