1. Withywood

    Services Randomly Shutting Off

    My audio service began shutting itself off a little while ago, sometimes once every few minutes, sometimes once an hour. Usually triggered by using an application that uses audio. I've tried repairing my registry, checking the drivers, and even did a clean windows boot. Unfortunately, all that...
  2. Kferguson319

    Please identify anything out of the normal...

    Do I'd like to see if anyone could tell me what's NOT NORMALLLY usual to see any of these services running or ask yourself "but why or how is that service running when she's not online and sitting in airplane mode?" If you see anything please do share and explain your answer as I'm trying to...
  3. J

    Audio Services Trouble

    So, i cant hear anything. I've went through countless online tutorials and none have worked. The Status of the Windows Audio Service should be Running - but it wont start, and when i try to start it this appears : "Error 1067 : Process unexpectedly Terminated" I've done "sfc /scannow" in...
  4. P

    Solved What is Windows 10 service OneSyncSvc_202d97

    Windows 10, HP laptop What are these services that make the internet browser stall? (stops stalling when services stopped): Task Manager: Services Name: OneSyncSvc_202d97 PID: 3576 Description: Sync Host_202d97 Name: CDPUserSvc_202d97 PID: 3576 Description: CDPUserSvc_202d97
  5. D

    Services.msc disabled services causes problems

    I have disabled some services in services.msc and after rebooting it caused my system services to not run. I cant run task manager, dont have audio, cant install any apps, i cant run any system apps.Please help me :(
  6. F

    Can't boot into Windows – How do I change a service?

    Hi, I've a serious problem with my Windows 8.1 installation. It won't even allow me to enter the login screen (everything is black). I've installed Aero Glass for Windows 8 ( which adds a service called "Unsigned Themes". The problem occured when I edited services.msc, changed...