sharing problem

  1. D

    Pc connected to internet but not office network.

    So we got 3 new computers to replace our older ones. We set them all up and we’re able to connect to the network and see each others computer. A couple of minutes later, one of the computers lost connection to the printer, so they reinstalled the driver but then lost connection to the network...
  2. Panther1310

    Sharing problems

    hi, I’m new to this site & I am in desperate need of advice. I noticed suspicious stuff on my computers & was advised it was a virus so the main computer was thrown away. When trying to get into my bt home hub manager I couldn’t get access as the password had been changed! The router was taken...
  3. V

    Unable to access my shared files through my android device

    hey guys, I use my android phone to access my files in my pc through es file explorer but after i upgraded to windows 10 i can't access it anymore but seems to work fine if i turn off my windows firewall for my private network help please
  4. O

    Home network sharing problem Win7 & Win8

    I am trying to share my DVD drive on my desktop (running Win 8.1) so I can access it on my Notebook (running Win 7 Pro) (so that I can load some software on the notebook from a DVD). The instructions seem to be clear - set up the share on the PC with "Properties > Advanced Sharing etc", then...