1. N

    Bad Audio Issue when Using Game Recording Software

    Very often, I would make videos with the software. When I tried to playback the recording, the audio sounds sharp and there's no bass at all for the video.
  2. A

    Sharp AR-6020

    Hi. i tried every single driver for installing this printer but none worked. it is sharp ar-6020. windows server 2008 r2 i would appreciate your help
  3. phixgrrrl

    Error message

    The entire message was "Unfortunately the Has Stopped” This was after I reset the phone. All the advice I found online said that doing a reset was a possible SOLUTION to this error. Whereas for me it seemed to cause it. The message pops back up again as soon as I...
  4. KibaFrost

    SHARP Printer - No Longer Printing

    Hey! So the SHARP printer that decided one day to quit its job and runaway to Spain with the Coffee Pot. Luckily we got them back with only one casualty (no more coffee for awhile). now in protest the printer refuses to print and I tried everything. It runs on the network and was working for...