1. Richard20065

    Change multi-swipe commands

    So I want to change the three finger swipe gesture so that it could control the media ( Play/Pause, Volume up/down...) in the Elan clickpad settings. Is there any ways to do it? (Precisions in the link or the file) I tried using a turnaround to enable the precision...
  2. linsjean

    Solved Some of my shortcuts on my desktop are white

    I think this started when I swtiched from Firefox to Edge. I couldn't get used to edge, so I reinstalled firefox. I have some URL's saved to my desktop. I know they should be in my bookmarks, but they are there temporarily because they are reminding me that I need to take action on some things...
  3. M

    Why do shortcut keep changing the target information?

    Hi. I have a PC, on a home network, where shortcuts to folders and files on that same local PC keep changing to a network address form. For instance, this target, "E:\xp utilities\data\" will change, all by itself (to all intents and purposes) to this: "\\Martin-fspc\e\xp utilities\data\"...
  4. S

    New Files on oendrive keeps changing to shortcut

    Hi, Good day! Hope this mail finds you well. I just need some help wiyh my pendrive. When i opened it earlier i noticed that all files and folders became shortcut. I tried following some steps online (formatting and cmd option) however it didn't work. Now u think my laptop is affected as well...
  5. D

    CTRL+C/X/V Not working :(

    Hi, I hope someone can help me out. A few days ago, some of my keyboard shortcuts stopped working for me. As far as I know, the only shortcuts that refuse to work with me are: ctrl + c ctrl + x ctrl + v ctrl + t (this one used to work until literally just now while I was testing it) I don't...
  6. L

    In Progress Shortcut virus

    There is shortcut virus in my laptop. Whenever i put pendrive it shows shortcut and its not forming shortcuts in pc. I removed it using that -attrib -s -h kind of command but it keeps coming back every time . Is there any better option to completely remove this virus.
  7. N

    Solved A single Shortcut is created in Pen Drive & All Data Inside

    Hello Friends or Tech Experts ;) I am using a Lenovo laptop with windows 7 and specifications are in the end of the thread provided by SysInfo Utility So the Problem is whenever I attach any removable disk to my laptop a shortcut is created in that disk and all the data which is stored in it is...
  8. L

    How can I remove shortcut arrows appearing on desktop icons?

    I would like to remove the shortcut arrows overlaying my desktop icons. Related to that -- I would also like to remove those UAC shield overlays from appearing on the same icons -- but without actually disabling UAC. What would be the best way to go about this? I have tried 3rd party...
  9. W

    Microsoft Minesweeper location in Win 8.1

    Running Windows 8.1 I have neither a real or virtual XBox account, but every time I start Minesweeper it wants me to log into one. I'm tired of that and the slow load time of the game. I want to remove the program from my machine. When I trace it down - from the name in properties - it looks...