shut down

  1. Tostigamer

    PC randomly restarts, what is the problem?

    My PC is randomly rebooting when im playing games. I can only play games on lower settings, but i used to play them on ultra settings. I bought a new graphics card 4 months ago, but I don't know if that could be the problem. What could be the problem?
  2. B

    Beeping and shut down

    my laptop keeps beeping and trying to fix itself but when it does it shuts down again, i don't know what to do, please help me asap.
  3. F

    Laptop keeps force-shutting down, security chip error

    Hi, this is my first post here so I hope I do this right. This is gonna be long as I want to make this description as thorough as possible. I bought a used Lenovo ThinkPad T440p on eBay with a few upgrades a couple of months ago and it's been serving me well, but about 3 days ago I started...
  4. CalebNeedsHelp

    PC Will Shut Off and Restart After Loading Into Games

    Hello, as the title says, with more graphics heavy games (Rainbow Six Siege, The Isle, Shadow of War, etc) my PC will crash on occasion after loading into games. (This will also happen after loading into games, and then crash anywhere between 5 minutes or 5 hours, however this is rarer) This...
  5. B

    Pc fully shuts off a few minutes after booting, no overheat

    I turn on my pc and start playing any game, a few seconds or minutes later the pc shuts off And the fans ramp up. The temp never exceeds 30 celcius. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it Specs Rtx 2080 16 Gb ram Core i7 8700k not overclocked Asus rog strix z-370 e motherboard...
  6. M

    Acer Aspire E5 series shutdown and won't open again

    Hey everyone. I'm desperate right now as every stores are closed and I need my laptop tomorrow. My Acer Aspire E5-552 laptop just shut down unexpectedly and won't reopen. It wanna start up as I can see the Acer logo for about 2 seconds before it shut down again. I really need your help! I was...
  7. perrijs

    New Dell Computer Shuts Down When Tipped Forward

    So this just happened...I bought a brand new computer from Office Depot. A Dell XPS 8930. As I was about to plug in my headphones to the back of the tower, I tipped the PC forward slightly to get a better view and it shut down. It booted back up, however, curious as I was...I tipped it forward...
  8. M

    Laptop unable to open after connecting it to charger

    My charger port got recently broken and so whenever I try to charg my laptop,the charger cable ends up not fitting perfectly and I have to move it around in order for it to charge.A couple of days ago it became a pain to charge it and I had to stay still while using it for it to keep...
  9. W

    Random laptop shut down with multi coloured screen

    Hi my laptop keeps shuting down without warning. When it does this the screen fills with colours and i dont know whats wrong or how to fix it. (I dont know if im on the wrong tread if i am plz tell me where to go tnx) I have a fujitsu LIFEBOOK Aseries
  10. W

    Multi coloured screen

    Hi my laptop keeps shuting down without warning. When it does this the screen fills with colours and i dont know whats wrong or how to fix it. (I dont know if im on the wrong tread if i am plz tell me where to go tnx) I have a fujitsu LIFEBOOK Aseries
  11. P

    Compaq CQ58 laptop shut down and booting problem

    So my Compaq CQ58 laptop won't shut down or start. For the past week whenever I tried to shut it down or put it to sleep mode, only the screen would shut down but the PC and the LED on it would remain open whatsoever. I found that the only way to close it is disconnect the charger and the...
  12. K

    Computer will Not Turn On

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3542. It was working perfectly then all of a sudden the screen went black and the computer shut down. I plugged the charger in which the light on the adapter stayed green but the computer light didn't show it was charging. I also tried removing the battery, holding the...
  13. B

    What does this screen mean?

    I'm sorry if I'm uploading this on the wrong forum. My laptop randomly shut down yesterday. I don't visit unsafe sites and I use virus protection. When I tried to power it on it flashed these screens for maybe a second, and then it went black. It's black, but it's still backlit. I hooked it up...
  14. Gonkz

    Online games cause internet to shut down.

    My internet works just fine when downloading at an average speed of 1.1mps, however, when i try to play an online game, it immediately shuts down and stops working until i close the game. This only happens with my internet, i can play fine with my friend´s network or phone internet. Please help...
  15. M

    BSOD, launching & Shutting down

    Hey guys, i'm looked up some good tech support site's and ended here - because I am starting to lose hope - don't really know what to do. Going to try to keep this as clear as possible; Current setup: Windows is Illigal Sequence of problems; 1st Shutting...
  16. E

    Computer shuts off randomly - Black screen

    Our computer has been shutting off ever since we replaced the motherboard and cpu. It wasn't the motherboard, or temperature because we tried replacing the motherboard, and putting in a fan. The computer runs Windows 7, and usually shuts off during a game within 30 minutes of turning on. Tech...
  17. M

    Shut down

    Hello guys. I have a problem with my notebook. I have recently bought it from ebay, it is an Asus n56vz. everything seems to work well, but while I am playing it shuts down. I tried to reinstall all the drivers but no changes so far. Please help me
  18. T

    PC Issues: Fist PSU, then GPU and finally CPU overheating

    I am so sorry for the long post but please PLEASE help me I do not know what to do at this point. I already cried over this. So basically my PC started restarting first of all, out of no where. It didn't start roaring or get louder but all of a sudden i'd find that it would randomly shut off...
  19. wyfwulf

    Laptop sleeps randomly while gaming with an HDMI TV

    I'm using a Vizio 32" television as a monitor for my laptop and it works fine when doing normal things like browsing the internet or watching videos, but when I play games (namely Fallout 4) with the TV plugged in, my computer sleeps (or maybe hibernates) at completely random moments. It's not...
  20. A

    Laptop powering off shortly after switching on

    Bit of an issue with my Dell INSPIRON N5010. Every time I power it on it will shut down by itself. The length of time it lasts before shutting down seems to vary, if I leave it for a few hours before powering on it will last for a bout 5-10 mins before shutting down, but if I restart it after it...