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    Computer shuts down when waking up from sleep

    My (desktop, not laptop) computer shuts down when I wake it up from sleep. I've been working, I leave. The computer goes to sleep. Come back later, the CPU power light is on and the monitor off as it should be in sleep. You touch the keyboard to wake it up, the power light goes from blue to...
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    Computer booting up for few seconds then turns off

    Hi Thank you in advance to anyone that can help, So seemingly overnight my gaming computer of a year has stopped working, I try turning it on and it starts booting up for about 7 seconds before it shuts down again then it boots up on its own for about 2 seconds and shuts down, repeating this...
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    Motherboard and wifi card shutsdown laptop when connected to

    Hey excuse me please. My laptop turns on for 2 seconds and shutsdown when motherboard connected to the wifi card. Sometimes it turns on normally but the wifi can't be connected. When the mobtherboard isn't connected to the wifi card. It plays normally without any problems but still no wifi...
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    Windows 10 Shuts down randomly

    Windows 10 Shuts down randomly. It does not "crash" with an error code, it simply shuts off. Dead as a doornail. I turn it back on and I get the little blue window in the middle of the screen but nothing else. I turn it off manually, count to 10 and turn it back on. It will then come back up...