shutting down

  1. Trueno

    Random pc shut down

    My pc keeps shutting down after 20 minutes of gaming and I've tried reinstalling drivers, reseating the GPU and even installed a new PSU but it keeps on doing it, this started happening after I got a new case but I doubt the new case has anything to do with it.
  2. N

    My pc is shutting down when playing games

    Every time I play a game it shuts down. It never did this before.
  3. conbatey16

    My pc turns on but no display

    Hi My gaming pc in the last 3 days was shutting down on its own and would then proceed to boot up for a few seconds and shut off again am guessing this is from over heating so i decised to clean out any dust from inside my pc but now this has left ne with the problem as my pc turns on with power...
  4. R

    PC Shutting Down instead of Sleep

    Hi there! I've recently been encountering a problem with my PC (HP Pavilion 15) where it will shut down instead of going into sleep mode after minutes of inactivity. I changed the settings in power and sleep settings so that it should only go to sleep mode, and on top of this I changed that it...
  5. P

    Solved New PC shuts down

    Hey! So I am very confused, I just built my pc with some savings, and now it results that when I play any game, and move it to a decent quality, the PC shuts down, and I dont want to mess up the hard drive, so I am asking for help since I am going crazy and my head hurts after trying so hard to...
  6. karebear

    Laptop keeps shutting down

    I have an old laptop...HP vista. It keeps shutting down after I boot it up. Sometimes it stays on a minute or two other times shuts down right away. Is this a cord issue? Thanks!
  7. M

    PC shuts down while gaming

    Hello everyone! I'm having issues with my Windows 10 PC shutting down while playing games, and only when playing games. It works normally for everything else. The amount of time it takes before shutdown varies. I get no error messages, blue screens, or "shutting down" screens. It's like a...
  8. R

    Computer shutting down

    Recently my computer (dell xps 1800 running windows 10) had been shutting down and upon investigation, the fan was dusty and wasn't connected correctly- pieces had been broken a few years ago and glued back on, but the glue melted and the thermal compound had worn off. I got a replacement fan...
  9. K

    Pressing Caps Lock Turns My Laptop Off (URGENT)

    Hello. Recently, specifically 04/29/16, my computer started shutting off by itself. At first, I thought it was a problem with the internal fan. So, I bought some compressed air and used that to remove the dust from my fan. When that didn't work, I thought it was a virus. So, I ran tons of virus...
  10. D

    My Internet Doesn't Work Until Family Safety kicks in

    So I have a big problem with my computer. As said above, I have family safety on my account and I don't know why the internet doesn't seem to work when I start up my computer. I noticed that it doesn't work until the family safety kicks in but on average family safety doesn't even kick in until...