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    It says Sign In Initialization Failure

    It tells me to check the event log. I don’t see anything, and when I say ok, it just goes black. I’m not sure what my computer model is, but it’s a dell touchscreen with intel core i5 7th gen. Yesterday it said it was fixing itself, but my dad uncharged it and my computer can’t last a second...
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    Solved Sign-in error + BSOD issues

    My computer has been getting the BSOD over and over again on start up, and each time it has a different stop code. It is capable of running once I manage to get past the sign-in screen. The problem now is that randomly my computer stopped letting me sign-in. When I type my password in to access...
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    Help please

    Access Denied You don't have permission to access "!input.action" on this server. Reference #18.9b33fea5.1515822598.17cc897
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    WIN 10 error message blocking sign-in

    After Win 10 auto update, I signed in and received error message (see attached) saying "we can't sign you in" and suggesting signing out and signing in again may solve the problem. It did not. Also all my files were wiped out. Googled this problem and found that many people had the same...