sign in problems

  1. eggcrumbs

    Cannot Sign In

    I am using a windows (don't know which version) omen laptop, intel core i7 7th gen, and i cannot sign in to my computer at all. i do not have a passcode on it. every time i attemp to sign in it says, "the user profile service service failed the sign-in."
  2. Y

    Automatic Repair Loop

    I was playing a game on my pc and then all of the sudden my pc turns off and then turns back on. A blue screen pops up saying Automatic repair couldn’t repair your pc. I turned it off and back on but the same thing keeps popping every time I turn on my pc and now I can’t get into my sign in home...
  3. Robert the Bruce

    Can't access 'My Office' or 'One Note' etc.

    I've recently purchased a new PC going from Windows XP Home to Windows 10 and as I'm sure you can imagine it's a bit like going from a horse-n-cart to an Aston Martin in one go. Anyway, when I click on 'Start' then 'My Office' or 'One Note' I'm then asked to enter my Password and that's where...