signing in

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    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    After a long struggle of being stuck in a loop of resetting my computer I finally got it to turn back and look somewhat normal but when I tried to sign into my account this happens
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    Can't sign in with a Microsoft account

    Hello, I'm running windows 10 on an older office computer. I recently had some issues with missing OS files when a graphics card went (Took half the OS with it). So I have erased my Pc, and re-downloaded windows with a new graphics card. All has been fine for a few months till now. I restarted...
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    Computer Boots, Shows dot circle, Then blank grey screen

    I was using the computer normally when it shut off. After that I booted it up and it said that the computer did not shut down cleanly, after more text on the screen, The computer booted fine, but when i reach the point i would sign in, the screen is dark grey and all i can do is move my cursor...
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    Trouble signing into Apple ID on a mac

    I just recently got a second hand Mac Book pro. And with the new updates you have to sign into your apple ID with a passcode. However when you receive the code on your phone, you have no were to type it into a window. Anyone have any idea how to do it? I can't be the only one with this problem!!