sim card

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    Recover improperly loaded SIM card ?

    Brand new Verizon Nokia V3. Loaded SIM card without using SIM card "frame". What is best way to recover? Tweezers nor toothpick have helped. Am concerned about scarring SIM card or SIM card reader.
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    SIM card reader malfunction?

    Recently got a new phone: an iphone 7. We bought it used, but typically there aren’t many issues with the phone when buying them used. Seemed fine for the first few days, but after about five days suddenly I started getting an “Invalid SIM” message, and later a “No SIM” message. We restarted the...
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    Sim card PIN

    Does anyone know how to set a PIN on a sim card in a Samsung Galaxy phone? It was mentioned on Ripoff Britain but I can't find any info on this on its website