1. H

    I'm "skipping" around in my games articularly Overwatch

    Hello hello everyone. I really hope you can help me here because this problem is driving me insane. When I play games like Paladins and Overwatch, I skip around once every like minute or two. Also, I feel like my display looks slightly off when I play games too. I don't notice it in something...
  2. H

    Getting some frame skipping in all games

    I have a XFX RX 460 4GB and after the win 10 creators update its been giving me some frame skipping. I have since switched to win 8 but have not found any difference. This is making games unbearable to play. Specs are I3 6100 8gbs of ram, MSI H110M Gaming Motherboard, and a thermaltake psu. Yes...
  3. phixgrrrl

    A lot of skipping/short freezing in firefox

    A lot of skipping/short freezing while doing things in firefox. I'll be typing--even now--and letters wont' show up till a second after I type them at times. Scrolling a page, same thing--stopping for a sec, then scrolling. Sometimes I'll get it on my computer searching or picking images, going...