sleep mode

  1. Lu Zhun

    Windows 10 does not come out of Sleep Mode

    Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. It goes into Sleep mode fine but anytime push a key to come back out of it.. it does nothing and has to be reset. Also it stops loading windows upon the first reset (the circles stop moving when says Loading Windows) then just stays on that...
  2. G

    LED indicator keeps blinking and system does not start

    LED indicators on the side with power symbol(refer image) keeps on blinking and the system does not start when started from sleep mode. What's the reason and what that LED blinking means? Laptop model: HP 15-ac047TU Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft...
  3. B

    Win7 PC won't boot out of sleep mode -Event Viewer is messed

    I checked EVENT VIEWER and it's flooded with tons of errors. I don't even know how to start diagnosing. So, I thought I'd check in here with the EXPERTS. Any ideas on steps to troubleshoot? Best, BOb Currently running: Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel...
  4. D

    Stuck in sleep mode

    My computer keeps sleeping almost immediately after I wake it up and I can't figure out how to fix it please help
  5. H

    Hp Ency 15z (Fan, Sleep Mode, Your PC Ran into a Problem)

    This is my first time I'm writing here because I'm so confused and don't know what to search for that's why. I am using Hp Envy 15z Laptop. I've installed Windows 10 Pro N on it. 1.Few days ago it shows an error when starts that "Fan is not working properly Error: 90B" I press enter and it...
  6. B

    Sleep, Blue Screen, Bios Dump HELP

    My Toshiba running Windows 7 likes to crash when it goes into sleep mode, blue screen bios dump, then reboots and acts like a normal human again. Here is the detail from windows, can anyone give me a hand? Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS...
  7. A

    Solved 100% CPU usage when computer is in "sleep" mode

    I have read countless articles regarding a Windows 7 computer using 100% of the CPU's capacity, but my situation isn't like any of the others described. While I'm using the computer it's not a problem -- CPU usage rarely goes over 65% & it's usually much lower. But since it takes a while for...
  8. M

    Solved Monitor goes into sleep mode while playing games

    Hello guys, From last 3 days i am facing one issue. While playing cod ww2 my pc monitor goes into sleep mode automatically but my cpu is still running in background. I can hear some sound in the back ground but my monitor does not show anything. Please help me i can't understand the exact...
  9. M

    Keyboard and Touchscreen Do Not Work After Waking Up

    I have a problem with my Dell XPS 15. Anytime it wakes up from sleep mode, the keyboard and touch screen features do not work, leaving me with nothing to do but reboot the system in order to get them working again. This is extremely annoying and a fix for the issue would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Ladybarlow

    Solved Stuck in Sleep Mode

    I have windows vista. My computer is a Desktop Dell Inspiron 530 it is stuck in sleep mode. I can't find anyone with any answer that has fixed this issue. The unplugging waiting holding power button all that stuff hasn't worked. I have taken the Ram cards out and tried turning it on, i have...
  11. D

    PC Starts But The Screen Remains Black

    Hello Everyone ! I have this problem with my laptop, when i turn it on everything seems to work (i hear the fan, the HDD and the LED are on) except the screen, it remains completely black (no backlight or anything) (no POST beeps as well). It doesn't happen all the time (about 40% of the time)...
  12. W

    Heavy disk i/o after awakening from Sleep Mode

    When I awaken Windows 10 PC from Sleep mode, the C: drive runs at 100% as shown by Task Manager. The system becomes unresponsive. Below is info from the Windows/Application log. Note: the Hardware log is empty, no faults reported. Do you have any thoughts on what hardware might be faulty? What...
  13. M

    Laptop restarts every time it wakes up from sleep

    Hello everyone. So since a few days my laptop has been acting strangely. Every time my laptop goes to sleep or I close the lid it restarts when I press a key or open the lid again. I have no idea what is triggering this. I tried resetting my laptop, but every time I do so my laptop restarts...
  14. oneshotking

    How to stop computer from waking up ?

    I didn't know which category I should post in , so here is my problem I have a desktop about year old, I updated to window 10 and when i leave i put my computer to sleep mode. I come back and see it turned it self on . I tired going to device manager and turning off wake my pc for my network...
  15. A

    Computer Restarts on Sleep and Hibernate. Win 10

    My computer recently just stopped waking up from sleep/hibernate and restarts the computer. I have tried these things (in this order). I don't want to clean install all over again unless I have to and I really want to know what is causing the problem. When I press the button to turn the...
  16. W

    Computer won't come back after going to sleep mode.

    My computer won't let the windows programs reopen/return after going into sleep mode. The lights on the computer show it is running, but no matter how much I click on the desktop screen or hit the keyboard, the computer doesn't bring back the previous screen--or any screen. I have to unplug the...