slow home network

  1. LUIS39

    Solved Autoruns

    AUTORUNS I am trying to eliminate unnecessary programs that running in the background but unclear as to what to do. In Autoruns, under the Winlogon & Logon tabs, there are a lot of items highlighted in YELLOW, PURPLE, BLACK, and in sort of PINK. Do I “uncheck them”? Or do something else...
  2. S

    Horrific Wifi connection

    My household is on a fixed budget so we have what I like to call "Budget WiFi" so basically when I'm using my Xbox One it won't connect properly, it displays error messages and won't let me connect to online games. Recently I've been using a power line adapter which works for half an hour and...
  3. D

    Netflix Spends Too Much Time Loading

    Hey everyone - I'm not super tech-smart, but smart enough to follow simple instructions. About a month ago, Netflix started "loading" a lot during the middle of our shows. For example, every 5 mins, it would go back to loading and take another 1-2 mins to load. Here's our setup: Run Netflix...