slow performance

  1. chiknez

    Solved Slow Laptop: HP Laptop 15-bw0xx

    I purchased my laptop in a brand new condition back in 2018, it’s had an issue since then where it will run fast and then gradually slow down/lag (happens often when I play my game) I’ve cleared storage however there’s still not much space left and I’ve tried updating the processor/drive using...
  2. S

    Solved Laptop very slow (RAM @80%+, CPU 100% max frequency)

    Hi and thank you in advance... My 5 year old HP Pavilion dm4 laptop has slowed down considerably. I might have a virus 'draining' the RAM. In resource monitor, I see 10 to 20 chrome.exe processes running and several svchost processes. I am running Kaspersky Internet security, chrome browser...