slow speeds

  1. Dizzyy

    Internet speeds not what they should be.

    ok so i have been banging my head into walls and drilling holes into my floor trying to fix this so if someone can help that would be great. so i am paying for 600mbps internet speeds. i don't expect to hit that mark be close would be nice. i was using a tp-link N900 dual-band PCI Express...
  2. E

    Solved Windows 10 limiting my ethernet speed

    I should be getting gigabit speeds, when I test with speedtest I get around ~140mbps, shows 300ish, sometimes 400. My NIC is set to 1.0 gbps, my network card is not the issue. I tried a new windows installation on a spare SSD drive, the speeds were instantly 1gbps without problems...
  3. D

    High ping and slow speeds at night

    For past month I've been getting really high ping at night starting around 6pm cst, from couple hundred to thousands, and speeds slow down from 20mbs down/4mbs up to kbs for both. I've tried everything, even tried ethernet direct connect to two modems, both same brand. My isp provider doesnt...
  4. itsyourboyjohnners

    My PC is really messed up and I don't have a clue why

    About 3 days ago my PC started running really slowly, too slow to actually do anything on it really. I scanned the HDD for errors and nothing, decided to defrag it because it was 1% fragmented but it blue screened. Whenever I try and defrag it it blue screens too, I've tried 3 more times now and...