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    Memory persistently gets overconsumed (Windows 7)

    Hullo, My computer keeps slowing down, exhibiting whitened freezes and go-slow "waterwheels". Running the memory-reclaim utility in Norton Utilities Premium helps, with the backing of a Norton 360 malware scan. Nothing has been reported so far, yet the problem recurs with disturbing frequency...
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    Short Buzzing Sound Accompanied by Slowdown

    I have recently put together a PC. During video playback, video games, and music an infrequent and short but extremely annoying buzzing will occur accompanied by slowdown. It will happen at least once an hour, give or take. This video demonstrates it quite well. It's a bit more staggard and...
  3. S

    Timeout while loading issue

    I have been playing several online multiplayer games for several years now. I am an alpha tester for Eleven, the new version of Glitch. I've been doing fine, then last month, I started timing out before the game loads. I have been working with their devs, but none of us can find out why. My...
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    Slowdowns to kbps on multiple Wireless Adapters/Routers WD7

    So this is a very strange one and im hoping that the community can help me with some troubleshooting idea's on this windows 7 desktop. I've had multiple wireless adapters go from full 100mbit + speeds that drop down into the kbps or very low mbit ranges within several hours (somtimes minutes)...
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    New Sudden Massive Slowdown of Computer

    Please help ASAP! I have an acer x3470 computer desktop, and i have been playing games such as league and alot other games for about 3 years, on low settings, 30-50fps. However until today, there has never been any major slowdowns, and this made me unable to play league at all, with fps along...