smps power

  1. R

    Recommend a new smps

    My pc specs : i5 4440 3.10ghz Ram: 8gb Kingston hyperx MB: gigabyte B85M-D3H v2.0 Gfx card: zotac Nvidia gtx 1050ti OC HDD: 1TB WD 7200RPM 4 case fan, 1cpu stock fan Case:coolermaster masterbox lite 5 Led strip, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse & gamepads. Recommend me a PSU from: Coolermaster...
  2. vijayjosephm

    Solved SMPS pins are different for a new motherboard

    I was using a DG41Wv Motherboard and recently upgraded to B250g. I was not able to use the SMPS from the old one. What can I do to use my motherboard? Pictures attached. The first image shows the connector with 4 pins from my SMPS. The second image shows the connector on my motherboard with 8...