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    Can't send MMS after linking phone to computer

    I had no problem sending images through phone text originally (Moto E4, Android 7.1.1, Google Messages) before I installed other apps. Since the unread-counter is important to me, I installed Notifyer for unread-count. I am not sure if the unread-counter affects MMS or not , for I did not...
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    Solved Google Voice number for Facebook two factor authentication

    Can a Google Voice number be used for Facebook two factor authentication's SMS option?
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    How To Send a Text Through a Phoneline ?

    I have a computer that monitors sensors and is able to send emails via SMTP (fill in smtp stuff and it handles the sending) to alert people. Here's the catch, the computer is NOT connected to the Internet/outside world. But there is a usb modem (not sure what type of modem it is) but it's...