1. N

    Using SMTP services to send Emails

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum to ask this question specifically but I feel like I might post here more often if someone can shed a little light on my problem. I'm working on a remote machine trying to set up an SMTP service to send Emails monthly. I have created an account using...
  2. J

    How To Send a Text Through a Phoneline ?

    I have a computer that monitors sensors and is able to send emails via SMTP (fill in smtp stuff and it handles the sending) to alert people. Here's the catch, the computer is NOT connected to the Internet/outside world. But there is a usb modem (not sure what type of modem it is) but it's...
  3. Y

    Need help with MyInvoice & Estimates

    Hello, I am having trouble connecting my email with this software. I have a yahoo account and can not seem to get it connected using (587) and (995) There is no box for SSL and i have my username and password correct I do not know what is wrong when I am...
  4. rich1972

    PHP form, not receiving email, SMTP authentication issue ??

    Dear all, I am trying to create a form which sends the info to my email. Before I begin to create the form, I have tried to practice on a simple feedback form first. I have created the HTML page with the simple feedback form (using dreamweaver CS6), and have created a php page, and entered the...
  5. L

    Postfix not working with Mailjet

    Hi Everyone, Today I need your help because I created an account on MailJet and I was trying to configure Postfix with the settings that mailjet gave me but I'm unable to send e-mails. I already double-checked my credentials. What happens is that on Postfix Mail Queue the e-mails get stuck, but...