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  1. N

    Social Media not working over home wifi

    Greetings. Having a strange problem. My best friend can suddenly not access social media while connected to her home wifi connection. (Facebook, twitter, instagram) The desktop that is hard lined connects with no issues, but no device connected to wireless can. (Laptop Win10, Android phone...
  2. N

    Mobile Device Photo Glitching ( Device and server side )

    So here’s a stressful situation. I’ve been having this issue with both iOS and Android, where sometimes when I upload a photo to an image service or social media (Instagram, Ello, Facebook, etc.) The photo appears to be uploaded completely normally, but after I come back to it, say 10 minutes...
  3. G

    Can someone help me recover an old myspace account?

    hi I have a huge issue. I have a MySpace account that I cannot remember the password for and do not have access to the email associated with it either. MySpace help pages don’t offer a solution if your email server is gone. I am desperate to delete the account....can anyone help?
  4. C

    Unable to access zip file link. PLEASE HELP!! ASAP!

    There was an app called PHHHOTO which was a social media app similar to Instagram but where you could make gif style images; as of this summer (2017) had to shutdown. A way for users to save their images, they sent these links (link below) which included all images of the user to save but I...
  5. 1

    Solved How to make social icon open on new tab

    I would like the social icons, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on my website to open up in a new tab. I currently have a shopify store using the Boundless theme. I have seen mention of changing the code but I can't seem to find what it is or where to put it. Any ideas?
  6. silverfang77

    Sharing woes

    I just bought a Logitech c270 webcam, which is supposed to allow me to share selfies directly to Facebook and videos to YouTube. However, when I click on Login in its Facebook sharing, all I get is a blank screen. When I try to log into the YouTube sharing, I get an error saying the camera can't...