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    100% Disk usage

    I am facing 100% disk usage problem and I tried many thing from YouTube but still facing that problem. Please help me with this issue.
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    Long path name WIN10

    Hi Dears We face long file path issues while trying to transfer data from the users' PCs (WIN10) to our destination WIN Server 2016 R2 Users do not want to Flatten the folder structure, instead, they keep increasing the deepness, and obviously the results are errors while copying, reading...
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    anti cheat client truble

    I am trying to use a gaming client that is called faceit, but I can't use it for games because you have to activate the anti cheat client. I am unable to do so. when trying to activate it i get this text " "Warning: your system hasn't been patched against critical Windows security...
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    is it possible to detect the copy/paste text in the notepad

    I am doing some E-book typing work at home in which i have to convert jpeg handwritten images into text form. But the comapny from whicch i took this work has told me to not use any word detecting software or even copy/paste any thing in the work. So my question is this that is this possible...