software dont work

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    Solved laptop stuck at reset factory

    Hello so I had a problem with my laptop (gaming and Internet problems) so I thought I do reseting my laptop and hope the problem's go away . Bot now that it's reseting ; it's stuck at 16% for hours !!! I don't know what to do cus I had this problem before and I force shut down the laptop and It...
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    Forgot password to laptop so delete and reset then it said unbootable device went into bios and t want let me select the boot mode can I fix this
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    Computer (Flashing)Screen(Can't Click Anything)Read descrip.

    Hello! I've been having some really big problems with my computer. I had turned it on and i signed it but once I entered my password it took about 30 seconds longer than normal to load. Once I logged in my screen began to flash and I could not click on anything nor press the windows button on my...
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    Solved Focal Filter wont unblock sites!

    So to stop procrastinating i installed a software called FocalFilter and its supposed to block the sites that make you procrastinate and it worked fine the first time but this time it wont unblock my sites (even when the time limit was reached 6 hours ago!) i uninstalled it using a software...