software issue

  1. C

    samsung gear 2 neo doesn't load home screen after reset

    Hi! my samsung gear 2 neo doesn't want to load up to the home screen after factory reset, when i turn it on, it just has the stat screen that says samsung gear 2, then turns of. Please help!!!
  2. N

    admin rights

    i have a lenovo windows tablet... i dont have admin account i do have only guest account....i want to format the whole tablet....but it was asking password for everything ...even bootmenu also having admin rights...and i cant insert any usb also due to denial of access...please help me to...
  3. MarioAxiaq

    AKAI TV Software Update

    Dear All, I am new here, I do not know if you could help me out or not. I have an AKAI TV, model number: AKTV 221 and I would like to download or purchase it's software update. I have already tried to contact many suppliers and AKAI too but to no avail. Would appreciate any suggestions...
  4. N

    notepad.vbe and missing .dll file

    Okay, please bear with me it's a bit of long story.I have Windows 8.1 Pro, and a couple of weeks ago I got a virus and apparently it took me too long to remove it because it gave me a couple of issues. First of all, whenever I start my computer I get the message along the lines of 'failed to...
  5. J

    Computer (Flashing)Screen(Can't Click Anything)Read descrip.

    Hello! I've been having some really big problems with my computer. I had turned it on and i signed it but once I entered my password it took about 30 seconds longer than normal to load. Once I logged in my screen began to flash and I could not click on anything nor press the windows button on my...
  6. H

    Computer shot off during windows update

    Hi there- My computer shut off during the windows update and now it will not turn on... is the broken? How can I fix this? Have I lost everything? Thanks in advance!
  7. S

    Solved PC crashing

    Hi everyone.. I'm having some problems with my PC and any help will be appreciated. I have an Intel Pentium core 2duo processor, Asus psgc-mx/1333 motherboard, 2gb ram, windows 7 os, no graphics card. Every morning when I turn my computer on.. after successfully booting and entering the...
  8. M

    Solved Problem with add-in

    I recently installed PoolDraw Software which uses visio office and after opening PoolDraw the window for registration did not pop up so that I could enter the registration key and complete the installation of the software. I did talk with support which told me to go trust center and went...
  9. P

    My computer is not booting correctly

    I'm running windows 7 on my PC and one day it just stops booting normally and gives me the BSOD, i checked the VGA cable i checked the RAM for any faulty duds and i also checked if anything was unplugged or out of its place. i ran in safe mode with CMD and did a sfc /scannow it returned...
  10. N

    Custom Built PC - Complete power loss with no explanation?

    Hi guys, I custom build myself a PC a little over a year ago now and over the past few months are very strange problem has developed. My computer just randomly seems to lose power and just shut off. No warning what so ever. When I have to turn it back on I get no error messages or anything...