software problem

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    Mouse Stutter and right clicking on it's own

    Hi all, So i have an Inspiron 3477 AIO, Intel Core i5, win 10. I have a problem with the mouse, several times it will right click alone on the desktop and leaving a box on the upper right corner of the desktop. Sometimes it opens the right click menu. Many times it won't allow me to use the...
  2. J

    Computer (Flashing)Screen(Can't Click Anything)Read descrip.

    Hello! I've been having some really big problems with my computer. I had turned it on and i signed it but once I entered my password it took about 30 seconds longer than normal to load. Once I logged in my screen began to flash and I could not click on anything nor press the windows button on my...
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    Finger print "sgibiosrv" Software installation regarding

    I have purchased SecuGen finger print scanner Device modal no. HFDU02e and have Installed the update Driver yet a massage is being shown "Check if SGIBIOSRV service is running" while loging through BIOMETRIC Login.. Kindly short out my problem why it is not working properly even after...