software update

  1. A

    Struggling to update software version

    Hi there, I am trying to download the 10.14.6 Version for Mac. I bought my Macbook in 2016, it is a Macbook Pro. It has been unused for a few years and its currently on Version 10.12.6. When I try download 10.14.6 it says I need 10.14. I don't know what to do because I need 10.14.6 version in...
  2. J

    updating google chrome

    Hello, I am simply trying to update my google chrome. It doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps my laptop is too old? Perhaps it doesn't meet the system requirements. Not sure how to proceed, but this is causing me to be unable to do a lot of necessary tasks. I am running mac osx 10.9.5. Do I...
  3. D

    Dell Server Upgrades Needed

    I have a Dell T110 II that works find for what it is used. I did price out a new server but the minimum is almost $4K which is way out of my budget. The server has 2018 R2 on it and 3 320 GB drives in a raid. I need to do two things to make it current for my needs. 1. I need to up grade the...
  4. G

    Uninstall software

    Does anyone know how to uninstall software update for Huawei
  5. cwwozniak

    Roku 3600 Connection Fails for Software Update

    I just purchased a certified refurbished Black Roku 3600 HDMI stick. My ISP is Comcast and I am using Comcast's Arris TG862G/CT gateway for my Internet and landline VOIP phone. I am having trouble setting up the Roku stick. I am posting in this forum because it appears the problem may be network...