1. S

    Window media player (windows 10)

    I just purchased a new/refurbished computer with Windows 10Pro. I have a CD with all the music from my old computer on it. I put it in the player and went to Windows Media Player. I found it and started making a playlist from it. Had forgotten you have to RIP the contents...and immediately...
  2. F

    PS NOW not loading up properly, and closes itself

    hello~ i use my old laptop for everyday things like study or YouTube, but I've been interested in trying out cloud gaming. i installed GeForce NOW and gave up after seeing the queue length exceeding 300+. then i tried PlayStation NOW and i'm having trouble loading the application. it shows the...
  3. J

    What software do you work with?

    Hi, Are you an IT administrator, Support technician, Systems engineer, Network administrator, or the likes? What software do you use at your workplace? What software is most prominent at work places at the moment for administering and setting up employees computers and software on them, setting...
  4. asdfaaa

    Ideal Systems Analysis and Design curriculum in your opinion

    I don't see this course been talked about a lot on the exterior, and if so, it feels like it's a little "less" than SE or VERY similar to it, so, besides the original question, would you say it's safe do compare SE and Systems Analysis and Design curricula to pick one?
  5. A

    None Of My Apps Are Working

    i removed my graphics card from my computer and now none of my apps work.errors pop up about 3d acceleration and old graphics card drivers.can someone please help me..i cant use my graphics card for some time.. processor is Amd Fx-6300
  6. S

    8G RAM= 6.9 RAM in task manger?

    8G RAM refer to 6.9G in my PC ! is that normal ?
  7. B

    Mic Abruptly Stopped Working On PC

    So my mic stopped working on my PC out of nowhere fairly recently (about 3 or 2 days before Christmas). It was about a few weeks ago when my problem started and I tried everything that I see on the internet. I uninstalled the drivers, checked for a driver update [said was up to date], ran...
  8. P

    My PC won’t boot up, I cannot find a solution anywhere

    Seeming unsolvable. My new PC will not start up. no matter what I try. PC I’ve been working on for a few days refused to start up. I can confirm that the mobo, GPU and power supply all work as I have tested them. With the fans running during the flash bios. (My USB was converted to 32FAT for...
  9. dilligaf76

    Screen Goes Blank Every So Often

    Can anyone tell me why my screen on my laptop (Acer Aspire E15 Windows 10) goes blank every so often when surfing the web. The screen will go completely white and then come back again on its own which is fine if I am just for example browsing for things to buy or to look at forums ect.., but...
  10. Y

    Infinite boot loop

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software problem but my computer can't get past the motherboard boot up screen (the one before bios). The windows loading circle comes up and sometimes, after a few restarts, the windows automatic repair try's to prepare however never loads. I've tried...
  11. C

    How to change mouse pad gestures from a two finger scroll

    I changed the mouse pad gestures on my last HP Pavilion laptop, which was a HP Pavilion - 15-AU051TX. However I have tried all instructions and YouTube tutorials to do it on my newest HP Pavilion (15-CS2047TX - Microsoft 10, 32-bit) yet the instructions don't match up to what I see in my...
  12. B

    Solved Computer Reset and now Failing to Repair

    My grandpas computer is screwing up. We tried to format an SD card, and the computer reset. It will not allow us to login, and the computer keeps to automatically repair itself, but it keeps failing to. We have tried everything we could. It will not take us back to the original computer. I feel...
  13. N

    Windows Media Player

    Is There a Windows Media Player That Green Check Mark after you watched it
  14. U

    Odd keyboard controls issue.

    Hi! This is my first post since joining the site. I hope my problem can be resolved with the help of all of you. :) When playing games(Warframe and Robocraft in this case), I usually press WASD quite fast, and at irregular intervals. Because of this, I've discovered an issue that only seems to...
  15. J

    New Ram random blue screens

    Hello all, I just installed new ram on my pc build and now i am getting random blue screens whenever I play csgo. I went from 8gb of ram to 32gb of ram. using the computer normally is fine but sometimew when I play csgo it happens. the BSOD error is usually: "not less or equal to" or "system...
  16. A

    Lagging in every game and even crash on firefox

    So i've just upgraded my PC.. there is something i don't understand, read carefully, i will tell every detail.. Before upgrading, in 2012 i had these AMD R7 260x 2gb and i3-3320 3.30ghz 8GB RAM which is surprisingly awesome playing hardcore games like Rainbow Six, GTA V, The Witcher 3...
  17. P

    Solved Keyboard & Mouse not working after installing reWASD

    So after installing this program reWASD to record a gamepad macro, which appears to be malware free. My peripherals have stopped working within windows but work fine in the BIOS or startup tools, the peripherals will be detected by windows when un/replugged and light up for about 5 seconds...
  18. smykellp

    .Net Framework 3.5 Issues

    Just yesterday I got a new hard drive and Windows installed on my computer after my last one got pretty messed up. In getting it back I was setting things up and downloading my games from Steam and tried to start one up when it was done. Immediately I was told to download .Net Framework 3.5. I...
  19. ED3N

    RAM Crashing

    My ram keeps crashing the whole pc like this , I've never seen anything like this in my life it also does a sound like a sewing machine when this crash occu rs. and I can't find any solution for it online , any suggestions ?
  20. H

    Extracted OBB Files Became Encoded