sony vaio

  1. ZAKCV4

    Trying to fix a sony Vaio Laptop

    Hi all, So I have an old Sony Vaio (model PCG-71911M) The screen is broken so I am unable to use the laptop, I tried connecting via an external monitor and TV using hdmi cable but there is no input. I tried the fn and f4 trick to switch the external display with no luck. I just want to be...
  2. Lubo330

    A Sony Vaio that is beyond messed up

    Ok so I have a friend that refuses to get help for a pc that he needs fixed he can login to the desktop but no programs will show up and he cant interact with anything on screen we have both come to the conclusion that we need to factory reset it but we cant open the boot menu or alt f10/f8
  3. D

    Sony Tap 20 won't turn on after update

    This is my first post. I have a Sony Tap 20. Completed a Windows update then my battery started to drain. My AC adapter is getting power and the connect has never had an issue. My battery was always great, but all of a sudden, after the update, my PC isn't recognizing the connection to the AC...
  4. S

    Sony Vaio fit 15e 219sn shows black screen after vaio splash

    So, this is what happened: 1. A pendrive infected with virus was inserted (unknowingly) 2. Malwarebytes scanned and removed them. After removing asked me to restart, which I did. 3. I remember some system32 folder files were shown as infected but I dont remember exactly the names. 4. After...
  5. K

    BOOTEX file on USB

    Hello I have put my USB drive into my computer and dragged files from my documents onto the memory stick. Nothing happened, and when i attempted to access the existing files on my USB, they were all missing except a new file named 'BOOTEX' on the notepad application. It reads: Checking file...
  6. A

    Sony Vaio BD-Rom not reading Blu-ray discs.

    Hello there. I have a Sony Vaio desktop model VPCL235FD. There seems to be an issue with the BD-rom It is a pioneer BD-ROM model BDC-TD03. It reads regular DVD's and CD's, but will not play Blu-ray anymore (it has before). When a BD is inserted, the reader doesn't even engage. It does appear on...
  7. A

    Solved Speakers clicking at random intervals on Sony Vaio Desktop

    Hello there, first time user. Over the past few months I have been getting a slight "clicking" noise out of the built in speakers on my Sony Vaio desktop VPCL235FD. I don't hear the clicking when headphones are plugged in, and no clicking when other speakers are plugged in. The clicking seems to...
  8. D

    Laptop can't turn on after moving back to Win 8.1

    Hi! Recently, I upgraded my Laptop to Win 10. However, because a program doesn't work in Windows 10, I decided to go back to Windows 8.1. I did it through the "Settings" that you can find by clicking the "Start" button. After the computer restarts for Windows 8.1, it's all normal - Until after I...
  9. A

    How can you turn off a sony vaio laptop using the keyboard

    How can I turn off a sony vaio using the keyboard?