1. Keck20

    Graphics card is not giving signal

    I thought that my hdmi to vga adapter broke because i got no signal on the monitor and i tried with other pc and its didnt worked either,so i bought a DVI-D to VGA adapter for my monitor,and still no signal but when i pull out the graphics card the integrated graphics is working
  2. R

    Need to Recover a File

    I have been working on this report for the past two days. I FINALLY finished my paper and went to go delete a few unnecessary screen shots off of my desktop. I accidentally moved something or deleted something I wasn't supposed to, so I hit ctrl+z a couple of times. Something happened and it...
  3. T

    Old and New cpu trouble

    Hello. I am having this issue that is bugging the hell out of me. I recently bought a new cpu today. Ryzen 7 2700x. I brought it home and took out my ryzen 5 1600x and put it the new one and new heatsink. No bios popped up so i looked online. Said i needed to reset cmos so i took out the battery...
  4. K


    I made my icloud account a long time ago and it was made from a school email that doesnt exist anymore. Now I cant log into the account to take it off my ipad. Anyone know what to do?
  5. N

    Using a DP cable, but monitor goes blank when I try 144hz.

    PC SPECS - GTX 1060 6GB - Intel i5 4690k - DX 12 - Hi guys, so I recently got two VIOTEK monitors, 144hz, 24 inches (link for reference: And I got them set up and running, but I needed to change my...