sound blaster

  1. P

    My sound is not working

    Whenever I turn on my computer's speakers, the only sound that comes from them is a quiet rapid fire blast of staticky noise (kind of sounds like a helicopter almost.) Additionally, whenever I log in, I get a pop up from "SoundBlaster x-fi Mb3" saying "There is no supported audio device...
  2. J

    Creative Sound Card - Audio Interface Help

    Creative tech support was helpful but our problem is way beyond Creative support now. We've broadcast live on the internet since 2003. We went off the air in 2014 and since then Creative COMPLETELY stopped supporting their Audigy Z28 Platinum Pro line in lieu of gaming sound cards. The Plat...
  3. Lu Zhun

    Creative Sound Blaster Zx Z-Series control Panel = no sound

    Hello. I installed a new Creative Sound Blaster Zx sound card and installed the drivers from the CD and have found that the controls/features from the Z-Series control panel are not activating. The video within the control panel itself runs but there is no sound. Windows shows there is sound...