sound devices

  1. I

    Audio problems with discord.

    Heyyo! So i have recently been having a load of problems with audio in my discord. I am using a behringer soundcard, that i am both using for audio in and audio out. So the wierd thing with this is that when i have restarted my PC, i go in to discord (and my audio settings) and see audio input...
  2. B

    Jack audio devices not detected

    Hey! I recently bought a used motherboard (an ASUS-P8H77-M Pro) and so far I couldn't get it to play any sound. None of the jacks seem to be working, nor front nor rear nor even the microphone. There isn't even a notice if something gets plugged in. In the Playback devices menu (I have Windows...
  3. K

    Subwoofer speaker not very loud

    I have a 2002 Magnavox sw2oo/17 75w Active subwoofer speaker and it doesn't quite do the job like it used to 15 years ago. I would buy a new one but i don't have the money is there any thing i can do to make it better?
  4. G

    How can I separate my Xbox One Sound?

    Hi, My aim is to run an Xbox one, Behringer X1204 mixer & Streaming pc all together but I only want to use one microphone for both talking in my stream and playing the games. (I am using a streaming pc to make use of OBS) I need all my audio inputs to run through my mixer and these in turn...
  5. G

    (Windows 8 X64) Headset's speakers recording sound

    Good day. I have a very weird problem and I've only found 2 threads about it on the web and they don't really lead to solutions. Here is my Problem... So one day I'm trying to hook my headset up so that I can talk to fellow gamer's when playing online games, and it came to my conclusion as I...
  6. I

    Sound Recorder Runs 1.5 hours, but shows a 6 hr recording

    I'm wondering if anyone knows something I don't that may contribute to additional ideas leading to the answer (that spark we all sometimes need!), or have a direct answer, to why this could occur: I left the house at 4:55 PM with Sound Recorder running. I came back to the house at 6:20 PM...
  7. I

    How to get sound on AOC 12367F for xbox one HDMI

    i recently purchased a new monitor for gaming and I can't seem to get the sound working for my xbox one. I have tried everything and even turning up the volume all the way. any help would be much appreciated Thank you!
  8. J

    Sound Problems

    Hey, A while ago I installed ASIO4ALL on my computer to make some programs work with an external cable. After I finished with that I uninstaklled ASIO4ALL but afterwards programs such as Audacity and Games such as Rocksmith 2014 are not recognizing my audio input/output devices. Music and other...
  9. or15

    Sound from HDMI stops working

    hi, i need your help guys, i just bought a new custom made computer and i am having weird problems with the sound from my monitor. before i start here is a few hellpful points: 1. the motherboard is 'ASUS Z170P' and the hdmi plug i am using is onboard. 2. the hdmi is connected to a monitor with...
  10. GibFTW

    MS-DOS: Soundcard for Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600?

    Okay, so what I need to know is what, if any, sound/music device will work on MS-DOS games. I don't like the cheesy PC SPEAKER sound. I know it has sound besides that because I can play songs with-in Windows 98.
  11. P

    Sound devices all messed up

    Hello everyone . A few days ago my sound devices started getting all messed up out of nowhere. I wouldn't get audio out of my monitor, which is a Sanyo LCD TV (bought it recently), and when I would plug my headset, it wouldn't recognize them right away and change to that device immediately like...