sound issues

  1. C

    Sound echos after Windows 10 update

    My operating system was upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. Initially all worked well. I believe I had a windows 10 update, and after, my sound started echoing. My computer was designed primarily for flight simulation. The sound system is Creative A220/SBS A220. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. J

    Multiple inputs on mac

    Hello! I am working on my home studio! I am on a mac, and am using the DAW Waveform (Traction). I also have a 5 channel harbinger sound mixer, and I want to be able to record using multiple microphones at a time. Even though I can easily connect both mics to the mixer, I need my computer to...
  3. J

    Distorted Sound While Playing Games

    So I'm trying to figure out what's going on. One day my PC runs perfectly fine when playing games, but recently when I booted either Mount and Blade: Warband or Runescape, the sound is really distorted or staticy and accompanied by a small amount of lag. Now I'm not entirely sure what the...
  4. K

    Possible sound card problem?

    So on two different occasions in game i encountered multiple sound effects in my game counter strike cs go that didn't work such as gun, voice, announcer, footsteps. I then went and played another game called swtor, in that one the sound effects diddn't work either, This all happened after i...
  5. 1

    Sound reduces drastically when volume adjusted, fades back

    Hi This might be a stupid question but I can't seem to solve it. Sometimes when I adjust the volume on my laptop the sound reduces drastically and then slowly fades back. This even happens when I increase the volume. In fact, as soon as I move the volume slider (in any direction) the sound...
  6. G

    How can I separate my Xbox One Sound?

    Hi, My aim is to run an Xbox one, Behringer X1204 mixer & Streaming pc all together but I only want to use one microphone for both talking in my stream and playing the games. (I am using a streaming pc to make use of OBS) I need all my audio inputs to run through my mixer and these in turn...
  7. potimus1d

    When installing Realtek my headphones disappear. win10

    So just setup a new build, and the problem im having is, When i install Realtek hd audio, my headphones disappear. They still work but appear as speakers and take priority (i have logitech 5.1 speakers plugged into rear i/o and my headphones plugged into front case panel). I really wanted to...
  8. Darylton

    Sound Issues

    Edition: Windows 10 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.50 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB System type: 64-bit operating system I have Razer Synapse installed and up to date. All Drivers are up to date. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled all sound and audio drivers multiple...
  9. S

    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme 7.1 Soundcard - no CMSS-3D

    I recently went through the horror of a PC crash after a Windows 10 update. Using my ISO disk, I managed to repair it by reinstalling Windows whilst opting to keep all my files and apps (programs). This worked although I keep coming across certain pieces of software that have been affected and...
  10. jamesendo

    Solved Need advice with sound issue

    I have older desktop computer, Dell Optiplex 380, and the audio sound recently stopped functioning. I have external speakers so I thought the speaker is old so I bought some replacement speakers but they still don't work. No audio sound. If I plug headset to desktop, I get good sound, however...
  11. G

    Sound Enhancements Tab Gone in Sound Settings?

    Version of Windows: 10 I think I may have found the problem to my sound issues; the volume moves by itself every time I plug in headphones as well as my headphone microphone muting itself whenever I use skype and discord. I troubleshooted for sound problems and it said I needed to Disable Sound...