1. Mr. Newton

    Gmail spam report option?

    Just in the recent couple of weeks I get a few,sometimes in the teens,spam emails hitting my inbox and when I select them to be moved to the Spam folder I get a popup asking if I want to report spam and unsubscribe.I am not subscribed to them so I just hit the Report option.Then I get a bunch...
  2. P

    Solved alph*** spam emails

    I keep getting emails from and block them as they come in, but they keep changing the numbers after the "alph" part. This is driving me insane. How can I put a stop to this? I have AT&T (Bellsouth) email. Can their provider do anything about this? I don't know who to...
  3. draceplace

    Mailer-Daemon - what action to take?

    One of my email accounts is getting many Mailer-Deamon rejection\return to sender messages. I'm assuming someone is using the address for spam. What is my best course of action?
  4. P

    Spam Botnet removal with wireshark

    Good day, I have tried asking our service providers for help, but they are no help at all, and no one on the internet is able to assist me. So hopefully there is someone here whom would be able to help a new person with wireshark and/or other software trying to find out what the fudgesticks is...
  5. D

    Receiving email from phony contacts

    I know I am not going to use the correct jargon, I will do my best to ask the appropriate question though. My wife was recently targeted by a (phishing?) scam, a (dishonest person) sent her an email, disguised (spoofed?) as her boss, his name and requesting a wire transfer to an account. This is...
  6. simian

    Linux Trojan Using Hacked IoT Devices to Send Spam Emails

    One News Source
  7. S

    In Progress Help with "Russian websites" malware

    Hi everyone! I was helped in the forum before and you were very helpful and I'm so thankful! Just thanks! Now... I'm having an issue. I downloaded STALKER Call of Pripyat from a PROPHET torrent. Everything was all right except I got a lauching error after installing the game. So, I looked up on...
  8. Hirnsausen

    A Spammer's Trick? Naughtiness? Another "Victim"?

    My forum gets bombarded with spam. Early this year, a spammer promoted a travel agency in Indonesia, so it seems. Now I received the following e-mail, and want to ask the professionals here what your thoughts are, how I should react, if this is just a trick more of that spammer to confirm my...
  9. Kedit

    Outlook Downloading Spam Folder From AT&T

    I have a paid AT&T email subscription. When Outlook downloads the email, the AT&T spam folder email is downloaded together with the Inbox email. AT&T "Support" insists it's a setting in Outlook that includes the Spam folder, but won't tell me what that setting is unless I pay them a monthly fee...
  10. B

    In Progress How to stop spam?

    So its the 6th time in 3 months friends received an email from me with a link I did not send. I have a domain with a hosting provider and get my email via gmail. 1. I've changed my gmail password many times. 2. I've changed my password to login to the domain hosting provider. 3. The hosting...
  11. bobs-here

    trojan in chrome extensions, spams your Facebook

    Trojan.BPlug.1074 the name of a recently discovered trojan that hides in Chrome extensions and spams your Facebook friends with links to malicious websites. seen recently, as part of a Google Chrome extension's JavaScript files. when users install the Chrome extension in their browser...
  12. J

    Email gets registered as spam even though I get 10/10 on mai

    Hi I finally have my own webserver and wanted to setup a mailserver. Everything seems to have gone fine, except that Gmail registers my email as spam. I have tried everything and I even have 10/10 on (Proof: This is a header of an email...