1. Funzoman4231

    Having strange internet issues

    Hello, Ill keep this brief, here are my issues: Wifi calling for my android phone (moto e5 play) is not working, I cannot recieve or send calls (it goes straight to voicemail but no voicemail is left for either the recipient or the sender), however my dads phone works fine (Iphone 6) Many games...
  2. Zelda90Knightess

    Roomate's Internet Connection VS. My Internet Connection?!

    So my roommate uses a Dell Desktop (Windows 10) connected to the Ethernet while I use a Dell Laptop (Windows 7) connected to the WiFi. Our internet plan is through Spectrum and we receive 200 Megabits per second at a monthly charge of $70. When we're both online, I notice his connection is fine...
  3. A

    Trying to use router as access point but Mobile wont connect

    We currently have a spectrum modem/router that is in the other side of the apartment , so we bought a Tp link router and a long ethernet cable to have better signal on this side. Everything is working but we can't get our phones to connect, itll connect to the router but we won't have internet...
  4. Y

    WIFI Has been acting up for 2 weeks, please help

    My family has been on Spectrum Community Internet for a couple months or a year and we have had a problem before. Our last problem was when we couldn't connect our security camera, PS4, and other devices to the wifi, we fixed that by contacting Spectrum and talking to someone who helped us find...
  5. H

    Trying to figure out a unique VPN?

    My Grandparents in St. Louis, MO have Charter Spectrum Internet, TV and phone service and I live in Minneapolis and have Mediacom internet. I don't know if any of you use the Charter Spectrum app, but, outside of the Spectrum internet modem/network, you CAN'T WATCH ANYTHING INCLUDING CNN...