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    Wifi speed problem

    So, I start a speedtest and I get 300 up and down, alrigt. Than I start a game from Steam (doesn't need to be online) and somehow within seconds my speed drops to 5 (or below) up and down. Whats going on any ideas?
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    Solved Slower Speedtest on main PC.

    Hi all, I have recently moved and have changed my internet to a 50Mbps plan. When I conduct a speed test on my main PC I can only reach 7Mbps, while all other devices can get 47-49Mbps. not sure whats choking my speed. Please help.. My PC Details are: Tech Support Guy System Info Utility...
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    wifi is faster than wired?

    when i run a speedtest from my desktop, the speed is about 5 mbps. however, when i run it from the same area with my ipad, it jumps up to 22 mbps. is there something wrong with my network adapter?