spilled liquid

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    Damaged network adapter

    Hello, my collegue at work asked me if I could try to repair his HP Pavilion 17 laptop, on which he spilled some drink. Computer is running well, I replaced cpu fan, but it can't connect to any wi-fi. I found that it's broadcom BCM43142 network adapter is not registered by operating system...
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    Spill on Laptop

    So, I had spilt soda on my laptop. It was the bottom right of the keyboard. I dont have any sticky keys, all keys work and the laptop appears perfect. Just... sticky. I got all the soda up. I decided the best move was to leave the laptop upside down so that whatever could be in there would leak...
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    Spillages onto keyboard

    Hello I have a HP Spectre and i spilled some juice onto the keyboard. I tried to clean it out by using white spirit. The keys stop sticking for a while but then it comes back again. Im not sure if its safe to pop any of the keys off. I would be very glad of any advice that anyone can offer...
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    Spilled On My PC

    I built my own PC and have used it for about a year now. I have had a blast playing my favorite games up until I spilled apple juice on my computer. It wasn't that much, and I cleaned it up fairly quickly. This happened about 3 months ago and ever since that incident happened, whenever I play my...
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    Spilled water on laptop twice

    Ok I know the one rule of having a laptop is not to have water around well I had no wear to put my water and twice I put water on my on my desk my brother goofed up and he thought there was no water when he spilled/thrown water at me on my bed the second time he smacked my hand into the cup and...
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    Some water spilled on my laptop and now some keys don't work

    Hi. A couple of days ago when I was at work, my wife spilled some water on the laptop. If I would have been home, I would have shut it off immediately, but that isn't what happened. She and my daughter tried to dry it off. When I got home from work, I placed it in a bag of rice. It had been...