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    Splitting HDMI beween TV and VR

    Hi, I just bought a HTC Vive and it works and everything but I have only 1 HDMI port on my Laptop and I would like to be able to display the image of what I see on my computer to my TV while playing VR, so that people that comes can see properly what is going on. The proplem is, I need 2 port...
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    Solved Access Separate field into several columns

    Hi all, I have a column with data that looks like this 43/26/159 and want to separate it into columns A = 43 B =26 C=159 for example. I have a function with the following code Public Function SplitFile(intField As Long, strValue As String, strDelimiter As String) As String Dim varSplit As...
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    Splitting Addresses Into Separate Columns

    Hi, I need to separate a lot addresses into two columns. 1 with the Lot, Level and Street part and the 2nd column with the Suburb, State and Postcode. I tried a split column formula but because there are multiple commas and no consistencies, I'm finding it hard to think of something. e.g. Lot...
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    Toshiba Screen Split in 3 pieces.

    I have a Toshiba C655 and I do music and graphics on it. Problem is , sometimes when I restart the computer, it splits into 3 pieces. (More detail: the Left side is on the right, the right side is on the left and the middle is still the same.) I've tried other forums even the toshiba forum...