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    Extend My Laptop

    I have a dell xps 15. Brand new. I also have a Samsung smart tv and a samsung monitor. I have an HDMI splitter and had intended on extending my laptop to all three screens. The initial idea was to have my laptops screen be shut off while projecting my monitor as screen one and my tv as screen...
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    Need help connecting router to commscope

    Hello, I moved into a house that has ethernet jacks in certain rooms. There is a network box in the hall closet that contains ethernet cables for each room and also a Commscope CSAPDU9VP amplifier with cables attached. Right now, I have an ARRIS gateway router that is connected to a cable jack...
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    Webcam Splitter Programs

    I'm trying to use programs like Manycam and KVYcam, which boast being able to use a single webcam to stream to different sources but I'm not having any luck using it. I can select it as a camera option but it just shows up black. This may be a windows 10 problem because I had no issues on my old...
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    Issue Extending Display over 2 Monitors

    i have connected two monitors to my laptop and want to extend the display over the two monitors and leave the laptop display blank. I have connected the monitors via a HDMI splitter as there is only one HDMI port on the laptop. Both the monitors are connected throught the splitter on two outputs...