1. T

    New Is Someone Spying on Me with Mobicip?

    I recently found a file on my computer listing 365 Mobicip Sys Tray Logs from March of 2015 - a few days ago. This is a program I downloaded, per husband's instructions, to monitor our kid's activities. We signed up for just a few days, then cancelled the plan. Mobicip does not have a phone...
  2. B

    New This situation is the equivalent of a Lifetime Movie Special

    I believe that an ex boyfriend of mine has root patched and geofenced my life. This has been an ongoing suspicion of mine for going on 8 months. Without getting into the drama of the situation, this individual is unstable and I am a single mother of a 3 year old boy. I teach self-contained...
  3. bobs-here

    against telemetry in 10? SpyBot Anti Beacon

    "win10 is a masterpiece of data collection" (telemetry). could be argued as spying SpyBot Anti Beacon is a utility that can reliably turn off Win10's unwelcome behaviour. its a freebie and the main program window has four tabs for four different functions or info screens. best to have all the...